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Drive-In Music Festivals Permit You To Social Space. However, What Happens If You Include Alcohol And Drugs?

Drive-In Music Festivals Permit You To Social Space. However, What Happens If You Include Alcohol And Drugs?

To begin with they proceeded to live streaming. In reaction to this outbreak, the world’s earliest drive-in rave happened in Germany in May. The Drive-in, a run of pop up gigs in Melbourne, was also intended for this month but has been cancelled.

Whilst drive-in festivals let physical distancing, they attract new challenges for promoters, authorities and health workers. Individuals will be driving to and from places where alcohol is available, and in a number of instances where illegal drugs are utilized.

The Risks Of Drinking And Driving Drugs

Ordinarily, festival-goers can decrease risks of injuries from alcohol or illegal drugs by not driving to and from the function. And a few festivals are multi-day occasions where folks stay overnight, so that they could plan to not be drunk to your drive home.

However, drive-in festivals need individuals to bring their own vehicle. Plus they should drive home immediately after.

Although you can have small quantities of alcohol in your blood when driving, the essential message isn’t to drive if you’ve had any alcohol in any way.

This is because most people can’t accurately gauge their blood alcohol concentration following ingesting. And individuals that are daunted drivers have a tendency to dismiss their blood alcohol levels.

Alcohol And Other Drug Testing

One choice is to conduct roadside tests for alcohol and illegal drugs as individuals leave drive-in festivals. Police do so routinely during festivals.

There’s great proof alcohol breath testing is successful in reducing road deaths and crashes. Breath testing can protect against street events after drive-in festivals in precisely the exact same manner it’s decreased incidents among the overall populace.

But illegal drug testing isn’t a direct measure of disability at the time of testing. It merely indicates whether you’ve used a drug within the window of this test. Some medications are available in the machine for many days after use. Drivers could test positive but not be impacted by medication at the moment.

In addition, there are questions regarding the trustworthiness of the evaluations and hardly any evidence roadside drug testing is related to fewer crashes.

What Else Can We Do To Reduce The Danger?

Peer businesses, such as DanceWize, offer harm reduction advice and outreach at festivals. They supply a safe area for people to chill out, talk to coworkers or ask questions about medication and mental health issues.

But through a drive-in festival, most individuals will need to sit down in their automobiles. Therefore there is less chance for them to get outreach providers in the typical way.

Event-based harm reduction solutions like DanceWize have responded to COVID-19 by discussing harm reduction information through Facebook Live occasions and Instagram.

Online injury reduction communities which have been working for decades, such as Bluelight, and much more recent electronic communities, such as Sesh Safety, can offer harm reduction information especially aimed at drive-in festival goers, through their existing electronic stations.

Normally at a music festival, attendees are standing, moving or dancing round the festival floor. So, safety, outreach workers and other sponsors may consider men and women who could have been influenced by alcohol or other medications and require them for medical or first aid treatment.

However, with drive-in festivals, there’s less incidental chance to guide individuals to assist.

Thus promoters could disperse information about where to get harm reduction advice, and about available medical and first aid help, as people drive in the festival.

Drug Vetting

Drug assessing permits people to anonymously submit medication samples for forensic investigation in order that they could make informed decisions about what they are going to take. Counselling is also provided.

We all know medication checking is successful in reducing mishaps at music festivals, but it isn’t available in Australia outside particular trials.

Running a medication checking support by a drive-in festival in COVID-19 times are harder, but not impossible, using technology to provide comments via text or program.

Festival-goers may chat by text together with the medication checking team to talk about their particular drug-use history, conditions, and the outcomes of the analysis. However there could be less anonymity than a customary drug checking support.

Promoters, Police, Health Workers And Young People

Though smaller music places are gradually reopening in certain countries, big music festivals are most likely to stay closed for a while. So drive-in festivals may seem appealing.

However they throw up particular risks promoters will need to tackle to ensure that the safest possible environment for individuals eager to get COVID-safe live music venues.

Thus promoters will need to work closely with authorities, health workers and young people themselves to efficiently handle a few of these extra risks.